What is RegorRpa?

Our Platform Takes Away The Boring Process Of Your Daily Routine

  • 01

    Reduce the Costs

    One of the biggest advantages of RegorRPA is the immediate and significant reduction in expenditure it can deliver. When your work is automated, not only is it completed faster, but it also can be performed round-the-clock at a much lower rate. So, you get greater output for less, which results in a better bottom line.

  • 02

    Improve Quality

    The fact is, even the best can make a mistake! Even if you have the most careful people, working with you, still making a mistake is a normal process. When we multiply these mistakes by the number of people you have performing the routine tasks for your company, this may create a costly problem in the long run.

  • 03

    Unlimited Customer Quotation

    RegorRPA allows you to manage all your quotations 24x7x365 without any employee.

  • 04

    Increase Employee Satisfaction

    RegorRPA does not require any special technical skills. That’s why it is the most ideal software to help your operation. Using RegorRPA empowers your team to get their jobs more effectively. All the majör processes will be completed by RegorRPA much faster than before so your organization will be focusing on quick returns.

  • 05

    Improve Operational Control

    Managing and following the operation manually costs many working hours and comes with inherent risk. Robotic process automation can provide a better solution and since the work remains in-house, the business maintains maximum possession, control and visibility.

  • 06

    Provide Improved Reporting & Analytics

    RagorRPA offers the ability to gather, organize, track, analyze and report your valuable quotations. That information can then be utilized to improve on current operations, address and correct issues in a timelier manner, accurately forecast and develop best practices.